TCFD wiki: all about TCFD reporting

What is TCFD?

The TCFD, for Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, is the framework of recommendations dedicated to the climate resilience of companies, and supported by the economic grouping Financial Sustainability Board, itself created by the G20 in 2009. This framework of recommendations recommends the analysis of climate risks and opportunities for a company according to several climate scenarios, on the principle of double materiality, i.e. the identification of the economic issues linked to the impact of the climate on the activity, but also the impact of the activity itself on the climate. The TCFD now brings together more than 3,000 companies around the world.

Is the TCFD framework mandatory?

No. It is quite possible to make a diagnosis of exposure to climate change outside the TCFD framework, including in the Metigate platform. However, we recommend that you join the free supporters of the TCFD, which is the most comprehensive framework of recommendations for all structures wishing to analyze their risks and opportunities vis-à-vis climate change. This allows you to combine the useful with the pleasant! We make a TCFD report, but above all a good TCFD report with many strategic elements for your business. A sample report is available in the platform.

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