A SaaS platform dedicated to analyzes of the impact of climate change on your activity and to TCFD reporting

Metigate develops the most successful SaaS platform to carry out numerical and precise analyzes of your resilience to climate change, while building your TCFD reporting, which is the most strategic dual materiality recommendations framework, supported by thousands of companies in worldwide.

Depending on your needs, consultants specialized in TCFD reporting and climate resilience support you in achieving your diagnostic objectives. And whatever happens, the Metigate team supports you throughout the analysis process to generate strategic elements for your business with respect to the climate.

It is this hybrid approach combining technology and human expertise that makes our solution special.

The main features of the platform

Projection of your activity in a 2030 and 2050 climate according to the IPCC scenarios

Anticipation of the profitability of your offers in a 2030 and 2050 climate

Impact of climate change on purchase intent for your offer

Stress-test your costs against climate change

Exposure of your assets to the risk of natural disasters in a 2030 and 2050 climate

Assessment of risks and opportunities related to the transition to a decarbonized economy

Analysis of your climate reputation

Projection of local changes in the yields of your agricultural sectors

Evolution of the constraint on the management of water resources

Personalized TCFD reporting with many strategic elements

Prioritization of your transition actions according to their contribution to resilience

The technology embedded in the platform

The Metigate platform uses machine learning technologies and climate data expertise to generate unprecedented analyzes of your exposure to climate change.

We collect and qualify climate data with a spatial precision of 11km, from reference climate models such as that of the IPSL , and project our predictive models from this information to determine the chronic physical impact of the climate on your health figure. business, the risk of constraints on your water management or the yields of your agricultural sectors.

The predictive models we use are based on neural network or random forest technology, trained using historical weather, yield, water table height, or sales.

Assessing the exposure of your assets to extreme climate risk (natural disasters) is based on cutting-edge expertise in climate data and their qualification based on weather observations. Thanks to our partner RiskWeatherTech, we can even r eplay any extreme event on your assets to refine the characteristics of a situation experienced, and assess its probability of occurrence according to IPCC sce narios.

The stress tests on your costs (raw materials, energy, taxes, etc.) are carried out using IEA scenarios, disturbed by us in order to simulate tensions greater than the median hypotheses.

Welcome to the future of the economy

1% for the planet

Climate resilience is everyone's business.

Metigate is committed to the 1% for the planet movement and donates 1% of its turnover each year to associations dedicated to the fight against climate change.

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