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Why and how

do a (good) TCFD reporting?

Discover our guide to learn all about TCFD rep orting, and thus generate quantified information on your climate resilience. In order to define your strategy for adapting to climate change. Supported by thousands of companies around the world and already mandatory in some countries, the TCFD is the recommendations framework of reference for your adaptation to climate change.

Anticipate the impact of climate change on your business

Using climate data and IPCC scenarios, Metigate quantifies the impact of climate change on your profitability, your reputation, and your operational constraints. Metigate's algorithms cover chronic, extreme physical risk, and transition risk. To create a full TCFD report.

Validate the efficiency of your actions on your climate resilience

Metigate evaluates the performance of your ecological transition actions according to the gain they bring to your climate resilience. Thanks to the platform, it is your ability to maintain your performance and your right to practice over time that guide your transformation choices.

Prove your ability to adapt to climate change

Metigate provides you with all the dual materiality information to assess the investments necessary for your ecological transition and convince your funders of the sustainability of your business model.

About us

Metigate brings together expertise in machine learning, climate data, IPCC scenarios and the impact of climate change on economic activity. Our teams have been working on climate-dependence and weather-dependence issues for more than 6 years.

We believe in an economy that is aware of planetary boundaries and resilient to climate change.But we don't believe in infinite growth.

Our goal is to help you adapt your business to this new world, thanks to clear, quantified, objective analyses, based on scientific hypotheses.

Thanks to its predictive rail temperature models, Metigate anticipates the number of maintenance trips that the operation will have to perform in 2030, facilitating our adaptation

Metigate assesses the impact of the weather on our sales in 2030, 2040 and 2050 according to different IPCC scenarios, and this locally to have precise business insights

Metigate concretizes our management of the climato-dependence of our products, with the key to an improvement of our adaptation to the context and to the uncertainty on the seasonality.

Start improving your climate resilience and TCFD reporting


Access our platform for free to discover its functionalities and view an example of TCFD reporting, with all the diagnostic elements of resilience to climate change

Enter your activity data

Load your already available reports or activity data. The platform generates personalized analyzes from your information, and we are at your side to arrive at a diagnosis with high strategic value.

Up to you

Retrieve your finalized TCFD report and share it within your company to prioritize your actions to improve your climate resilience, and justify your financing needs for your ecological transition


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Welcome to the future of the economy

1% for the planet

Climate resilience is everyone's business.

Metigate is committed to the 1% for the planet movement and donates 1% of its turnover each year to associations dedicated to the fight against climate change.

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