Metigate brings together expertise in machine learning, climate data, IPCC scenarios and the impact of climate change on economic activity. Our teams have been working on climate-dependence and weather-dependence issues for more than 6 years.

Our approach combining technology and human expertise to address issues of climate resilience and TCFD reporting is unique. The Metigate team and consultants who are experts in climate issues support you in the use of our platform to help you arrive at strategic elements with high added value for your structure.

We believe in an economy that is aware of planetary boundaries and resilient to climate change.

Economic activities, which are both the cause and the collateral victims of climate change, must anticipate the consequences of a world at +2°C on their activities to strengthen their resilience while accelerating their ecological transition.

Our goal is to help you adapt your business to this new world, thanks to clear, quantified, objective analyses, based on scientific hypotheses.

Welcome to the future of the economy

1% for the planet

Climate resilience is everyone's business.

Metigate is committed to the 1% for the planet movement and donates 1% of its turnover each year to associations dedicated to the fight against climate change.

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